What brought about Elcuider

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How it all started

I have always been a person passionate about the country and of a positive opinion that the country would be a better place only if those that are in it are rightly sensitized and of the right perception because I believe perception is root of thought and our thoughts drive our actions , but the idea that lead to the creation of Elucider as a body came to light one very day when I was in the library; sounds funny to me that I was just reading a write-up some few months back on an health-related issue (breast cancer), It caught my attention in quite an interesting way, being a medical student with some wealth of knowledge about cancer only to realize of how little one could know about some of this issues.

Even though I am in the health line, this is what I can say transpired into the passionate act to want to discover and help enlighten youths of today on some of the major issue of concern that might have transpired over time, and would never be known by us if we don’t revisit them and sensitize ourselves to bear the responsibility of studying it; Our own history, diverse cultural heritage, both past and present economic highlights and socio-cultural beliefs and many more as a country;considering now that history is not studied anywhere under the Nigerian academic curriculum.

This gave me insight to see the reality before us that: though we are in the university, we have little knowledge about our own country which is not quite encouraging neither does it give us the edge in making concrete future strides and achievements in the world that is tomorrow. It lead me to the realization that hardly would any youth like to get involved or engaged in discussing issues and matters concerning the country, this is not because they are unwilling to but simply because of the fact that we are ignorant of it, thus shying away from discussion of such only to depend on rumors and false beliefs conjured in arguments or discussions made by information deficient individuals hence an erroneous non-concrete thinking process.
So basically the idea is to enlighten the youths in any little way we can, to use what interests them as a means of reaching out to many thus equipping them with the tools to engage in concrete thinking processes as well as becoming adequate solution providers as expected of one who is the LEADER OF TOMORROW .